About Vasco Trancoso
Vasco TrancosoI am a Portuguese medical doctor (gastroenterologist) that after retirement, resumed an old passion asleep: Photography.
After a first moment with contemplative images of landscapes I awoke, about one year ago, to Street Photography.
I´m fascinated by the unpredictability of street photography, as in Jazz and Life, and now I have a daily routine where I shoot for myself and for pleasure. A healthy and saving obsession.
On the streets I´m happy to discover daily miracles that arise as fragments of a parallel dimension where the ordinary and banal can be extraordinary.
And the photographer has gradually taken the place of the doctor in me.
Street photography is also an exercise of communicability that forces me to overcome my natural shyness and be a better person.
After all a sign that the search and discovery continue. Outside and inside.
Favorits: Authors
  • Filipe Correia
  • Laura Corrêa
  • Elsa Martins
  • Olinda Coutinho
  • António CARREIRA
  • jorge pimenta
  • Victor Guimarães
  • Fernando Alves
  • Francisco Subtil
Favorits: Photos
  • Untitled
  • Beautiful Day
  • N H M
  • O pescador
  • Waiting___
  • Largada para acasos e incandescências
  • Circulação difícil
  • The woman in red
  • Dream
  • s-t
  • s-t
  • s-t
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